How To Install Shower Door

How To Install Shower Door There are several good reasons for replacing your old shower curtain with a glass shower door. Firstly, you’ll no longer waste time at the futile task of keeping mold out of the folds of your present shower curtain. Secondly, the replacement of the curtain with glass doors will increase the amount of light in the shower. Thirdly, it is a surprisingly easy project if it is done correctly. While the idea of installing a glass shower door may appear daunting, it is essentially a matter of putting the proper framework in place and then inserting the actual doors. There really isn’t much else to the project. How To Install Shower Door: the tools you need. You’ll be using a drill and some masonry bits, a tape measure, a hacksaw, a mallet, a grease pencil, some files, a good-sized level (4-footer is good), an automatic punch, a good utility knife, a screwdriver and a good caulking gun with fresh clear caulk. Have a wet/dry vac close by for cleanup afterward. How To Install Shower Door: the work itself. Take the old shower curtain and rod down. Since most tubs and shower doors are standardized in size, you may find that the framework you purchased will fit without modification. Measure the tub and if not, trim the door track with your hacksaw. On the dry, clean surface, use your grease pen to mark your reference parameters and set the bottom track in place. Next, place the hinge jamb on the wall so that it will neatly fit into the bottom track. Use your level to assure that the hinge jamb is aligned properly, and then mark the screw holes with your grease pencil. You will drill pilot holes on those marks for inserting screw anchors. Tap the screw anchors in using the mallet and then attach the hinge jamb to the wall. With the base track and one hinge jamb installed, it’s time to install the doors. Insert the hinge rail into the jamb to check the fit. Drill the holes from the existing holes into the door jamb and secure it. Once this is finished, install the other door jamb the way you installed the first one, and then attach the header rail. Now it’s time to screw the unit together, followed by cutting the drip-rail to size, deburring the cut with your file, and attaching it. Seal the assembly using the clear caulk so that won’t leak. You’ll find that the work moves more efficiently if you have a helper, so will the clean up afterward. Allow the caulk to set for the amount of time specified on the package and you’re done. Enjoy your new glass shower doors.

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