Innovative Uses of Smart Glass Technology

The latest smart glass technology has given engineers, construction contractors, and interior designers a totally new way to define the interiors. These highly sophisticated smart glass panels use low energy electric current for controlling the opacity of the smart glass via automatic or manual triggers. This glass can be used for partitions, dividers, skylights, windows and doors. Planes and ships also use similar application but that is engineered from the special scratch resistant polycarbonate that is lightweight. Whether you are interested in a bold futuristic look or just a understated modern interior, the kind of “openness” you get with smart glass technology is definitely an innovative way to increase your space. You can use smart glass to control your privacy levels with just a flick of the mouse. Let’s have a close look at some of its uses. * Boardrooms Smart glass can be used for creating separate boardroom or sales areas using smart glass walls for creating spacious interiors that can be easily switched to privacy mode with a flick of a switch. The frosted glass surface can also be used for screen projections. * Display area for launching a car-A circular or rectangular room section with a new “yet to be unveiled” car is parked in a chamber right in the center of the launch area. Your guests can relax right next to the new car but cannot view it, until it is “unveiled”. Now guests can view it from every possible angle whilst allowing you to easily control the access to your new product. You can use smart glass in many other areas depending upon your needs. The smart glass technology is now available from various suppliers, but you should research on the companies that offer smart glass panels. Compare the rates as many sellers offer packages depending upon your requirement.

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