Install Shower Door

How to professionally install a shower door? Install shower door professionally by beginning to cut the track. Measure the inside dimensions for the shower door and then transfer the measurement to the track. Use a hacksaw to trim the track 1/16" smaller to fit and then apply a miter box to straighten edges. Arch off the corners with a file if the shower has rounded edges. Then, secure the track and rails into place. Center the track still on the shower or bathtub sill and then clinch it with tape. Snap the side rails or jambs in place and then take a level to check for plumb. Next, clear away the curb and jambs. Imprint the holes for mounting the jambs along each side of the curb. Drill the mounting holes with a 3/16” drill bit. Mark the holes with an awl to place a depression for a drill bit. Use a tile-cutting bit for the tile walls. Then tap plastic wall anchors into the area and remove dust from the work space. Afterward, use caulk within the lines and then place the track with the weep hole side inside of the shower for draining purposes. Screw one side rail to the wall. Then, slide the header onto one side rail and slide the other end of the header onto the rail on the wall. Screw the rollers on to the door to glide on the track and the diagonal slots for adjustment. Put the inside door near the shower head to stop water from entering crevices and landing onto the floor. Place the end of the door into the shower area. Force the top part into the track then let it drape from the rollers. Then hang the second door, and drive both doors to one side. Set the middle guide in place, and drill a pilot hole through the side of the tub and screw the guide. Put the rubber bumpers over the screws in the side rails. Connect the handrail to the door. Install shower door by fastening the corners where the sides meet the wall and the track meets the sill.

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