Interior Glass Partition

Interior Glass Partition for Office or Home An interior glass partition can be both functional and beautiful. Whether located in an office or at home, glass makes a bold design statement. A glass partition can separate work spaces in the office without completely isolating the occupants. The use of partitions has long been touted as the best way to maximize space and productivity. Interior glass partitions are an affordable alternative to those musty, padded panels that adorn some offices. While giving the illusion of open space, glass can also achieve a modicum of privacy by the use of various types of frosted or textured glass. Textured glass can make an elegant and decorative enclosure. Frosted glass affords more privacy. Better still, frosted glass can be combined with an etched design to produce complete privacy. At home, an interior glass partition is a beautiful accent. Ordinarily, one thinks of a glass partition as a shower enclosure - period. While it is true that frosted or textured glass is usually found in bathroom windows, and shower enclosures, a glass partition wall can add an opulent feeling to your home. Glass is a sustainable material that is completely recyclable and therefore, environmentally friendly. There are many different types and styles of glass, from tempered to safety, iced to textured. The type of glass used will be dependent upon the application. For instance, in the workplace it may be expedient to use breakthrough resistant glass. This glass would be ideal for partition walls in the home as well. If there are children in the home, it may be wise to install safety glass for their protection. Iced glass is intriguing as it is actually three layers of glass bonded together. The two outer layers are smooth to the touch, while the center layer is cracked and gouged. Textured glass is available in a multitude of designs such as seeded, ripple, crinkle, and hammered to name a few. Depending upon the texture, glass can offer privacy as well as beauty. Glass neither needs to be clear nor smooth. There is textured glass that has color added as well. Whatever your preferences are regarding style and color, an interior glass partition is a smart addition to any home or office.

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