Interior Glass Railings

Using Interior Glass Railings Interior glass railings can add a touch of sophistication to an interior's design. Railings add a much needed safety feature, while glass railings add both the safety and a tasteful upscale element to the interior. The beauty of the glass railing is that it can be made to blend into the air and almost appear invisible or it can blend into the surroundings and display a congruent design detail. Glass offers a wide range of appearances to a room design. Glass can be utterly clean with no additional visible detailing making the railing virtually disappear from view. Still it offers the protection that's offered by traditional metal or wood railings. Use it to outline a staircase or balcony or use interior glass railings to define an area that will remain visible from other vantage points in the space, such as a vestibule or interior garden. The glass railing can be a complex design combined with metal or simply glass. It is safely and successfully used in apartment and commercial buildings, in entertainment venues, stadiums and educational facilities. Its wide range of applications makes it a very sought after product. It performs its allotted task with elegance and offers an uninterrupted view of the surrounding areas. When formulating the design for any interior space, start by substituting traditional railings with glass railings. The space will transform with the uniqueness of glass railings. Cluttered areas will appear seamless and less busy. Open spacious areas will maintain their undisturbed vantage points with nothing visible to break up the space. Glass railings can be constructed so that they are the standard perpendicular railing or they can be contoured to be curved or have irregular bends. The shape of the railing is a factor that can easily be addressed with the glass construction. Glass can be bent and it usually can come with additional features: annealed, heat-strengthened, safety tempered, safety laminated and insulated. Annealed glass protects the glass against breakage when the temperature changes. Heat-strengthened glass is stronger than annealed, but less strong than safety tempered glass. Safety tempered glass is the strongest glass and less likely to break than all the other types of glass. When is does break it breaks into small square or round pieces, not sharp shards that cut people. Safety laminated glass is two panels of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral or PVB in between. This is what car windshields are often made of and if the window is shattered the PVB holds the glass together in one piece. Insulated glass is often double or triple panes of glass with a layer of air separating the panes creating insulation from temperature changes.

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