Internal Glass Partitions are a Modern Day Solution to an age old Problem of creating space

Internal Glass Partitions are a Modern Day Solution to an age old Problem of creating space Movable Internal glass partitions can greatly enhance an interior space by creating a sense of open space, but still provide the privacy that is sometimes necessary. Glass partitions will utilize light and heat more efficiently. The partitions offer a flexible and sophisticated solution by creating new rooms or subdividing an existing space. Glazed, opaque partitions can be used to create hallways or offer a particular level of privacy while capturing additional light. The movable glass partitions are freestanding units that can be moved and reconfigured as necessary. Folding glass partitions offer the versatility of dividing a room for certain temporary functions, such as the ability to have one large room or multiple smaller rooms. A folding glass partition also has doors to allow personnel to enter and exit from one area to the next. Glass partitions will give any office an open feel while creating elements of privacy. An alternative to cubicles, glass partitions provide a quiet environment while giving employees the sense of working in a group environment, promoting team work and production. The partitions also offer a reduction in the noise level that can sometimes be distracting. Glass partitions can be transparent or frosted, or they can be designed to incorporate a company logo or other company information or promotional offerings. Frosted glass partitions offer visual privacy, but will allow the space to take advantage of direct or indirect light from other sources. This will result in an energy cost savings measure. The best advantage of internal glass partitions is the flexibility and versatility their use brings. The partitions allow the layout of an office or other space to be changed without the demolition and construction of a standard wall. This presents a very cost effective method to office design, especially for an office that needs the flexibility to accommodate a changing workforce. Glass partitions can also be used in non-commercial applications. A homeowner can take advantage of an open floor plan with glass partitions rather than relying on the structural implications to create an open floor plan and an unobstructed view within the home. Glass partitions are easily maintained and can be cleaned with glass cleaner and a soft, non abrasive cloth. Glass does not corrode or rust and is not subject to the degradation of integrity of wood walls.

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