Just How Many Kinds of Architectural Glass Is There?

Just How Many Kinds of Architectural Glass Is There? There are many different types and styles of glass that can be used in architecture, 20 to be exact. Each and ever glass is made a different way, bringing something different to your building, it just all depends on what is being looked for. Cast glass is used more so in places like Rome and Pompeii in important and luxurious buildings. Crown glass is hot blown glass that is cut open and then spun while still hot. This method use centrifugal force to shape the glass into a round, flat sheet of glass, where it is then cut to fit in a frame. Cylinder glass is a method of blowing hot glass into an cylinder shaped iron mould, then cutting the cylinder, then placing it in an oven. While in the oven the cut cylinder begins to unroll, forming a flat sheet of glass. Drawn sheet glass is otherwise known as the Fourcault process in which a leader is dipped in a vat of melted glass, repeating the process until the desired thickness was reached. Cast plate glass is made by ladling melted glass from a furnace to a cast iron rolling table where the glass is then rolled into a single sheet by an iron rolling pin. Polished plate glass is a process of taking a piece of sheet glass or plate glass, grinding them flat, then polishing them clear. Rolled plate glass, or figured plate glass, is made basically the same way as plate glass except the glass goes through two rollers, one of which has a design on it. Float glass is a process that 90% of the world uses to produce flat glass in which a tin bath is used to level out the glass that is poured in, giving a smooth surface to both sides of the glass. Prism glass is specially designed to provide more light by using a convex lens, widely used to light under ground spaces and sidewalks. Glass blocks are used more so for privacy, allowing light to shine through but visuals to be kept blurred. Annealed glass that doesn’t go through a hot treatment process, allowing it to break into shards when broken. Laminated glass is made by bonding multiply layers of glass together the create one single sheet of glass. They are bonded together with pieces of polyvinyl butyral, which when broken, prevents that glass from shattering. Toughened, or tempered, glass is a stronger glass used for safety precautions, like window glass on cars. Heat strengthened glass is heat treated glass that when broken, breaks into small shards. Chemically strengthened glass is strong glass, but still shatters like annealed glass. Low emissive glass is glass coated with a substance that allows the glass to retain heat using heatable glass. Self cleaning glass has a coating of titanium dioxide that allows to glass to basically clean itself.

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