Laminate Glass

What is Laminate Glass
Laminate glass is a product that consists of a bonding layer between two pieces of glass. The pieces are then fused together to create a single piece of glass that is shatter-resistant. This means the glass is a durable product used for many applications. The shatter-resistant properties of laminate glass means no sharp pieces result when it breaks. Laminate glass that is struck by a heavy object will create a spider web pattern when it breaks. There are no sharp pieces that fly off as the bonding layer keeps the glass intact. Laminate glass is easy to install as panels can easily be added to an existing frame. The glass is easy for an installer to drill or notch when a specific application is required. One added benefit of this glass used in a commercial building is its durability. Cleaning the glass is also easy as the process will be the same as a regular piece of glass. This product is a great option for external sliding walls and for interior partition walls. Businesses have the option to use laminate glass as a safety glass. Laminate glass with a white bonding layer is good for privacy in a typical office environment. This type of glass can block out unwanted noise and is a great way to update the security features in a building. Many options can be configured with laminate glass. This includes the use of tempered glass, reflective glass, switchable glass, and even tinted glass. Glass that is added to a partition wall can be used when a new office or meeting room needs to be constructed in a commercial building. There are many options for the edge finish on laminate glass. Laminate glass can have an edge that is swiped, clean cut, or have and edge that is ground and polished. One of the best uses of laminate glass is for solar energy control. Showrooms and areas with windows or exterior partition walls may receive too much sunlight. Adding laminate glass will help to lower the amount of heat into a building. The level of UV light into a building is also significantly reduced. Privacy in a building comes in visual and audible forms. Laminate glass will provide visual and audible privacy in most types of commercial or office environments. This means the glass can be used with any partition wall or the glass wall in an existing office.

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