Laminated Glass Railing

Professional Laminated Glass Railing
Modular and custom glass railings are perfect for elegant and professional construction of residential and commercial facilities. Adding light and space to a room, laminated glass railings are sleek as well as durable. With reflective light, glass railings give a spacious perspective to architecture and add open artistry through specialist design and installation. They can accommodate traditional, spiral, and slanted stairways, meeting specific structural needs. Glass sheets and glass panels support unique designs tailored for your business. The beauty of the glass is so defined that it's sometimes used in glass sculptures. More importantly, thick laminated glass with high resistance to corrosion ensures a reliable and quality product. The thicker the glass and the more laminated layers the greater increase in strength. This durable product is typically used in automobiles for high impact situations. An interlayer between folds of glass holds the pieces together when shattering from formidable collisions. Instead of falling shards that accompany typical glass sheets, laminated glass railings create a spider web affect that keeps glass attached to the sheet ( In 1939 the Ford Motor Company chose laminated glass due to the fact "that it gives the most complete protection. In addition to being splinterproof it is crystal clear and permanently non-discolourable (The Autocar: p53. May 12th 1939)." These unique features make it perfect for aesthetic arrangement and structural integrity. The laminated glass railing is the pinnacle of glass safety. The unique combination of safety and elegance that laminated glass railings provide puts glass works ahead of other construction material. This means that laminated glass railing is available to keep your company well kept and up to date in glass works technology. Available services include glass fabrication, repair, replacement and installation for high quality stock. Laminated glass railings are in high demand for restaurants, offices, public places, malls and other buildings, on the cusp of modern architecture. The singular features of laminated glass railings are perfect for creating an open and professional atmosphere as well as maintaining a sturdy and safe environment. For these reasons glass works is the preferred choice in building design. They contribute an inescapable quality that only laminated glass railing can provide.

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