Most common applications for decorative glass

Most common applications for decorative glass

Decorative glass comes in many different styles and has a wide variety of possible applications.

Etched Glass
Glass that is etched has been treated with acid and has a “frosted” look
to it. Applications include wall coverings, stairs, doors, kitchen
cabinets, and skylights.

Curved Glass
Curved glass is glass that has been curved using into a specific shape
using high levels of heat. It can also be tempered or laminated for
adding durability and safety. Applications include elevators,
partitions, and windows (both residential and commercial).

Fused Glass
Fused glass is created by melting and then fusing together two or more
different types of glass. Many art pieces made of glassed are created
using the fusing process. Applications also include counter tops,
sculptures, and tiles.

Painted Glass
Painted glass is glass that has an opaque coating. Literally millions of
color combinations are available for painted glass, and applications
include: shower walls, closet doors, dry erase surfaces, and furniture.

Pattern Glass
Pattern glass is created by putting a pattern on the glass when it is
still in its molten state. Pattern glass can be tempered, laminated, or
edged. Applications include showers and tubs, lighting fixtures, entry
and exit doors and patio furniture.

Silver Glass
Silver glass is glass treated with a reflective or mirrored coating. If
you’ve ever looked at yourself in a mirror, you are familiar with silver
glass. Other applications include mirrored doors, display cases, media
centers, and elevators.

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