Most Common Types of Glass used in Storefronts

Most Common Types of Glass used in Storefronts

Many types of glass can be used as an option for a storefront. Many of the common types of glass have features that make it a great choice for any type of business. The type of glass to use is based on what a business wants to display to passersby. If a business in considering updating their storefront with a new design, then review the types of glass selection that are available.Clear GlassThe use of clear glass is the most common option for the storefront of a business. Clear glass is used at most retail stores and small businesses, such as beauty salons. A clear glass storefront allows anyone to see what is inside the building or business. Seeing inside is important for a retail store because they are benefiting from displaying sale items and other types of promotions.

Tinted Glass

Glass that is tinted has a film that is applied to the glass to make it look darker. Window tinting may be used to reduce solar heat into a building or for privacy and security. The application of the window tint is typically done to a clear glass window.

Stained Glass

The use of stained glass is common in churches, but can also be used as a storefront for restaurants and bars. This is a great way to create an inviting and festive atmosphere to patrons. Stained glass comes in a variety of styles and sizes based on preference or need.

Security Glass

This type of glass is becoming more popular for storefronts because of its ability to resist shattering. If the glass does break, then an external film or an internal laminate holds the window together. Windows with this security feature displays a spider web effect when they are broken.

Tempered Glass

Glass that is tempered is another type of safety design used for a storefront. This glass is treated with a chemical or thermal application to give it increased strength. The result is glass that breaks into chunks instead of sharp pieces. Tempered glass is also commonly used for car windows and exterior doors.

Frosted Glass

Glass that has a frosted look is common for the storefront of a business that needs light, but has a need for privacy. The finish of the glass is cloudy and provides the frosted or cloudy appearance. A business with a frosted glass storefront will receive diffused light with no added detail or shape. Frosted glass is common for a doctor’s office or a day spa.

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