Movable Glass Partitions Let the Light Shine Through

A movable glass partition allows for flexible room structure in interior designs or storefronts while allowing the natural light to shine through. Perfect for use when occasional separation for meetings in a large office is needed or for home use when a stationary wall is not desired. Many different glass options are also available so the wall of glass not only allows the light to shine through, it also allows you to customize the see-through wall so it will become the WOW factor of your office, restaurant, school or home. Horizontal Rail System This style of movable glass partitions slide on atop and bottom rail system. The glass panels have no visible hardware and provides a seamless, un-obstructed appearance. The glass panels seem to be floating and can be constructed with straight, angled or curved lines to meet the needs of the customers’ space. Folding Sliding Glass Panels Great for use as entrance ways into shops, banks or other interior spaces. The folding sliding system of glass panels do not have a bottom track to obstruct foot traffic. Glass panel have trolleys in the center to allow panels to stack as they fold and slide open. Acoustical System Ultra-sleek and modern, this style of movable glass partitions provides a sound separation, yet maintains a clear view. Mounted on aluminum tracks, the glass panels are motorized so they can be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly. Single Point System No floor track and the ability to be designed for a straight or curved space make the single point system great for use in any entryway. Minimal clearance between glass panel and track, flush mounted fittings and manual opening and closing all add up to a cost-effective way to provide a modern look, secure system that allows the space to filled with natural light. Swing Open Glass wall panels can also be created to swing open and shut if desired. The needs of the customer, can be met with bi-fold, retractable, fixed, sliding or swing opening. Glass Options Clear glass is always an option when creating a customized movable glass partition, but clear is not the only glass option. Glass panels can be etched to allow light to shine though, but limit visibility and sound. There is also bronze and smoke gray color that will have the same effect as etching. A silk screen design can depict a company name and logo while limiting sound and promoting natural light. Glass panels can also be customized in more than one finish to provide an opaque finish on the bottom and clear glass on top. Frosted, patterned, tinted, sand blasted and laminated are some of the other many glass finish options available. There are many specialized solutions for glass panels that can be created to meet the design needs of your business or home. Frosted, patterned, tinted, sand blasted and laminated are some of the other many glass finish options available.

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