Office glass wall vs. traditional sheetrock wall

Office glass wall vs. traditional sheetrock wall. Using a glass wall in an office space not only adds a decorative flair to the space, but it also gives an attractive architectural element to the area. Many offices are finding that rather than putting up a traditional sheetrock wall, the unique glass style walls give the area a whole new look, a look they like. Drywall is a huge job, oh and there is dust everywhere. Glass walls are totally different, they go up in sections and the mess is limited. No more sanding, painting and priming, the walls will take on the décor of whatever room they are placed in. If the office area has a nice taupe colored wall, the glass will take on that same appearance, they reflect the color. They are versatile and can be used just about anywhere inside the office. Many companies use these glass walls as a divider for private offices. While they create limited privacy, if a space doesn’t have windows, they don’t need to worry. Glass walls allow plenty of light to flood an area, as they are transparent and not like a traditional sheetrock wall. Whether it is to section off a unique boardroom area, complete with the colorful elements needed, or to just be for decoration in the entryway, nearly every company could benefit from a wall of this type. An office glass wall doesn’t have to go all the way to the ceiling. In fact, many unique shapes can be created to give that architectural flair that a space needs. There is only so much that can be done with a traditional flat wall, but these glass walls are dimensional and go up piece by piece for a seamless look. Some may think that privacy is a factor, but that can be beneficial to a manager who wants to keep an eye on everyone. While they may not be able to hear everything going on inside the room, they can certainly see. Keeping employees on task and off their cell phones can be easier with a glass wall. While they wouldn’t work in some areas, like a bathroom, there are more than enough areas that these beautiful walls would be perfect for. Thinking outside the box and opting for glass, rather than drywall, is a smart option. Glass doesn’t need to be painted, can easily be cleaned, and there is never a need to worry about switching the décor, glass has a style and sophistication all its own.

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