Popularity of laminated glass explained

Laminated glass is often used in the modern world instead of traditional glass for a number of reasons, not simply because the glass does not shatter like regular glass panels. Initially popular with the auto and security industries construction of all types of commercial and residential buildings can be completed using laminated glass for increased safety, security and noise reduction.
Invented by accident in 1903 by a French scientist called Edouard Benedictus who noticed a plastic film had covered the interior of a glass flask, which would not shatter when dropped. By pressing a clear film of polyvinyl butyral, PVB is pressed between two sheets of glass to absorb any pieces of shattered glass and allow the sheet to bend and absorb the majority of impacts.Security is the most common reason people choose laminated glass, which has become popular in a wide variety of law enforcement and security environment's because of its ability to withstand breaking. In many commercial and residential constructions laminated glass is also chosen for glass doors and windows where an attempted break in is usually targeted; the shatterproof nature of laminated glass has seen it become a simple security measure used to keep a building secure. Because laminated glass also maintains its transparent nature it ensures the environment of a secure area is not covered in bars or more obvious security measures.Alongside making a building secure and safe laminated glass also has many properties which make it a good choice for everyday construction of buildings. As the glass is easy to shape and form because of its shatterproof nature large sheets of laminated glass can be cut on a construction site making glass installation more immediate and often reducing labor costs. Laminated glass can be drilled or notched on site to fit an existing window, door or wall or placed in a newly constructed installation.The possibilities offered by laminated glass are not limited and can include the manufacture of tinted glass that is capable of reducing the amount of solar energy entering a building or vehicle; by reducing this energy energy bills can be reduced. Noise reduction is another factor that has increased the popularity of laminated glass products with a large advantage in noise escaping a building envelope when compared to traditional glass sheets of a similar width.

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