Privacy Glass

What are the Different Types of Privacy Glass
Privacy glass is a type of specialty glass because it is different from standard glass. The purpose of this glass is to limit light and create privacy in an office building. Privacy glass can be used with partition walls to create a unique work area. Review the types of privacy glass that can be used in an office environment.Obscured Glass This is a type of glass that is textured with various patterns that produce a translucent effect. Panels are made to fit inside the frame for partition walls and in windows. People who are seen through obscured glass will appear blurred, but are not hidden from view. Frosted Glass Glass that is frosted is another type of glass that is used for privacy. The result of frosted glass is a translucent effect by scattering light and creating views that are blurred. Light will still shine through frosted glass while also providing for privacy. Switchable Glass Electricity is used with this type of glass to provide a translucent effect to glass that appears clear. This is done by using a wired switch on a wall or with a remote control. The result is a frosted appearance used to provide privacy and partially block. Turning off the electricity switches the glass back to clear or transparent. Switchable glass is great option for partition walls when a meeting or conference is needed in an office building. Tinted Glass Glass that is tinted will allow people to see out, but makes looking in difficult. This is the type of glass typically found on automobiles. A film can be added to a regular glass partition wall or tinted glass can be ordered directly from the factory. Tinted glass is a great option for movable walls that are found in a showroom at automobile dealerships. Stained Glass Glass that is colored is typically referred to as stained glass. This type of glass is used to provide a decorative effect that also allows for privacy. Stained glass can be clear or textured. Panes of glass may be added to existing partition walls for privacy or as an art piece. The choice of glass to use for privacy is based on preference and need. Building with exterior windows will benefit the most when using obscured glass and switchable glass. Tempered glass can also be used for privacy as it does not result in sharp pieces when it breaks.

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