Pros and Cons of electronically switchable smart glass

Pros and Cons of electronically switchable smart glass

Electronically switchable smart glass is a state-of-the-art technology used for cancelling out light. An electric current is run through it and this causes the color of the glass to darken, creating a barrier for privacy or temperature control. While beneficial, smart glass is the same as other technology. It comes with both pros and cons.First of all, smart glass is an energy saver. With normal windows, light and heat pass through, often forcing air conditioner usage to skyrocket in the heat of the summer. With the press of a button, electronically switchable glass will go dark, eliminating light and the heat from the outside sun with it. Additionally, it uses very little electricity to change color. So, not only will it save on costly energy bills, but it is a greener product. Those aren’t the only reasons smart glass is beneficial, however. It offers the consumer privacy with limited effort. Not to mention, for those that are tired of dealing with blinds and curtains, it makes them obsolete. There are also a few different kinds of smart glass on the market for further options.

Of course, electronically switchable smart glass has its drawbacks as well. While they may save in energy costs, smart glass is no doubt an expensive luxury. The technology is still relatively new, hence the high price. In electrochromic glass, the transformation between transparent and dark also takes several minutes. The transformation begins on the outer edges and moves its way towards the center. Some switchable glass takes electricity to remain transparent, which could be a problem during power outages. While not all electronically switchable glass requires electricity to retain its hue, it does use it to transform.

In general, smart glass is an energy saving investment. It costs very little to power the glass and is more convenient than typical methods to darken a room. Where the cost is initially high, it does save on energy costs. Privacy and convenience are two important benefits of switchable glass, although it is also limited by the technology itself. There may still be room for maintenance and repair. However, given its simple structure, it can last for a long time.

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