Regular Glass Walls Vs. Folding Glass Walls

Glass partition walls can be used in many types of applications. There are two different types for use in an office building, a retail building, and in showrooms. One type is a regular glass wall. This is a wall that is used to add a separate area in a work space. Another type is a folding glass wall. Folding glass walls are often used to access an outside area.
Regular Glass Walls A clear glass partition wall is typically used to create privacy and separate work areas. They will give a space an updated look that is sleek and modern. Regular glass walls are seen as a better solution over a solid partition wall. Most regular glass walls have a frame that is made of aluminum.The best use of a regular partition wall is to create separate areas in a work space. They can be used for creating individual offices or larger meeting rooms. Partitioned areas can be added with a door or have no door attached at all. Glass partition walls are also a good way to suppress noise. Privacy is also a benefit with regular glass walls. These walls can be frosted or be switchable. This will allow the wall to be set from clear to opaque to obscure people inside the room. Organizations that will need a cost-effective way to divide a space into individual rooms can use regular glass walls. Folding Glass Walls A clear glass folding wall is a feature that is found in most automobile showrooms and in many hotel lobbies. They are used to separate one area from another. The wall is opened to create a bigger area or to provide access to the outside. Folding glass walls allow sunlight to illuminate a room. They can also be frosted so people are not able to see into a particular area. These walls come in different configurations based on need. The walls will open like an accordion to the left or right. Unlike a regular glass wall a folding glass wall has panels on a track. The track can be mounted to the floor or the ceiling.

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