The surface of the glass can be given any shape or pattern by engraving a groove in it. At NYC Glass Works, we have hi-tech V-Grooving equipment for creating custom engraved designs on architectural flat glasses or mirrors. We are a premier glass company in V-grooving capabilities. Benefits of V-Grooved Glass This type of glass can be easily:
  • tempered
  • heat strengthened
  • laminated
  • custom made into any shape, angle, curve, style,
V-grooving can change the look of your glass and mirror décor. NYC Glass Works is proud to have the best technology in the field of V-grooving. We take pride in offering decorative V-groove glass, which can be cut into different glass sizes using an innovative technique. Our V-grooved patterns reflect incoming light into a spectrum of colors, just like a prism, exuding perfect beauty and elegance. Please Give us a call for a free estimate. (718) 535-5668 or request a quote online.

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