Should smart glass be used when building glass office walls?

Smart glass, an electronically-based glass option, is a fairly new innovation. It can be used in a variety of applications and has been found to be effective in reducing heating and cooling costs, and provides individuals with new and different ways of interacting with and customizing the window and light experience in a space. Smart glass is a relatively new innovation and is being toted as an energy-saver, as well as a high tech glass option. It can be used in windows of all sizes as well as skylights and is considered safe for a multitude of applications. Before getting into applications, however, it is important to understand exactly what smart glass is. Simply put smart glass employs electronic mechanisms that allow users to control how much light passes through the glass pane. In some applications the window can be adjusted from transparent (clear) to translucent (slightly tinted). Other applications allow for the window to go from transparent to a blackout window for complete privacy. Many businesses and offices have begun to wonder if smart glass is applicable to office buildings; especially glass surface office building. Simply put, yes smart glass is best suited, in fact, for office environments. When smart glass is used in offices it can reduce the amount of heat that comes in through the windows during the summer months. This, thus, reduced the cooling costs within the office. During the winter months the glass can help absorb solar energy and keep heat inside the office environment, thus reducing heating costs for the building. Additionally, smart glass, can help with computing and efficiency. In some locals the strong glare from the sun can obscure computer screens even in office buildings. Smart glass allows users to change the way the glass comes through the window pane, thus reducing the glare noticed on screens. Overall, it simply makes for a more comfortable, more customizable environment which works well in an office setting.

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