Shower Doors: To Frame Or Not To Frame

Shower Doors: To Frame Or Not To Frame Glass shower doors to frame or not to frame is the question. There are several types of shower doors that are frameless, framed and sliding. Frameless doors are typically made of thicker glass. Framed doors have thinner glass with a frame around them that support the glass. What are the differences between them? First off, frameless shower doors are chosen by many people because they look better than the framed shower door. Also, because the door will not attract mildew and filth like it can with a metal frame. Some doors come with designs that are really striking. One can get tinted or frosted glass to match his decor. Secondly, typical costs for both kinds of shower doors vary greatly. It depends upon what type shower door one wants to install, with or without a frame. It will also depend on clear, frosted or tinted glass, the thickness, and installation costs. Prices can range from $300 to $5,000, with costs to fit every size budget. What is more, one needs to check out how frameless shower doors really are. Some say they are frameless, but turn out to have top side and underside bars, which make them semi-frames. Some doors have all glass without any frame at all, but hang from one track made at the top of the glass. That said, one matter to keep in mind is that frameless doors open outwards, into the room. So one will have to save enough room for them to sweep out. These type glass shower doors have a single pane of glass most of the time. Modern baths usually have this kind of shower door. In brief, there are many different varieties of finishes, glass designs and coloration that one can find to change his bathroom from blah to beautiful.

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