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NYC Glass Works manufactures and installs shower doors and enclosures throughout the New York metropolitan area. We service all of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island, and outlying areas.

While the primary function of shower doors is to ensure that the water from your shower stays in the shower area, choosing the right shower doors can do much more than that. They can add beauty and elegance to your bathroom. Plus, because bathroom upgrades tend to be among the most valuable home improvement investments, installing shower doors can add considerably to the resale value of your home.

Shower doors are available in a myriad of sizes and configurations, to fit both stand-alone showers and shower/bathtub combinations. There are framed, frameless, and semi-frameless shower doors. The glass for shower doors can be fully or partially transparent, tinted or untinted, or have a stylish textured pattern. There are pivot doors, sliding (bypass) doors, neo-angle doors, and more.

There are shower doors befitting the most luxurious of homes, and shower doors for more modest budgets.

Shower doors can be customized in innumerable ways to reflect your personality and creativity. The bathroom is one of the rooms in a home where people spend the most time; why not design yours to be a pleasing and comforting environment?

There are many factors to consider, many decisions to make, when it comes to shower doors, from the type of glass, to the style that best coordinates with your existing bathroom fixtures, to price, to even the handles. Choose wisely to enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Contact NYC Glass Works for help in determining which shower doors will provide just the look you desire for your bathroom and to get a quote.

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  • Corner Shower Doors are designed to fit corner showers, which are an alternative to conventional showers often used as space savers in smaller bathrooms. Because sliding or bypass doors take up the least space, they are a popular option for corner shower doors, but corner shower doors are available in all different sizes and styles.
  • Frameless Shower Doors are made with thicker and stronger tempered glass than shower doors that are held in place by a metal frame. They are easier to clean than framed shower doors, and they give a bathroom a more modern look. They are often considered to be especially aesthetically pleasing the way they allow the passage of more light and open up the room. Frameless shower doors tend to be considerably more expensive than framed doors, but the higher cost is offset in part by the fact that they last longer and add more resale value to the home.
  • In-Line Shower Doors are used on square or rectangular showers that are enclosed by walls on three sides and open on only one side. They connect at a 180-degree angle—a straight line—to one or more glass panels on either or both sides of the door. In-line shower doors can be framed, frameless, or semi-frameless, and are available in various styles from a simple swinging door to more complex configurations.
  • Neo-Angle Shower Doors are designed for neo-angle or diamond-shaped showers, a space-saving style often used for corner showers. A neo-angle shower typically is enclosed by walls on two sides, with glass panels connecting the walls to a shower door, which is directly across from the inner corner of the shower. Unlike in-line shower doors, neo-angle shower doors connect to the enclosure at an angle rather than in a straight line.
  • Semi-Frameless Shower Doors are a compromise between framed and frameless shower doors. They have metal around only part of the door. For instance, a shower door with a metal frame on the top and bottom but none on the sides would be considered semi-frameless. Semi-frameless shower doors are a popular choice in that they provide almost the same contemporary, open look as frameless doors, at a cost closer to that of framed doors.
  • Shower Door Splash Guards are rigid fittings made from glass or plastic that deflect water back into the shower and prevent leakage beyond the shower area. They can be used in conjunction with or instead of shower doors.
  • Single Shower Doors are the simplest shower doors consisting of a single glass panel that swings open and closed. They can be framed, frameless, or semi-frameless, and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Sliding Shower Doors, also called bypass doors, consist of two or sometimes three glass panels that open and close by sliding across each other. They take up less space than other shower doors in the sense that they don't expand out to the bathroom when opened. Because they use at least two glass panels, they are recommended for wider shower openings.

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