Custom Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Sliding Glass Shower Doors
Sliding glass shower doors are specialized doors that are of two or more panels that run on parallel tracks. As an alternative to shower curtains, sliding glass doors promote water containment and are made out of a material known as tempered glass. By law, tempered glass is the only glass permitted for shower installations. Thus, all sliding shower doors are made out of tempered shower glass, also known as safety glass. As the best component for the bathroom, safety glass is durable so that if it is broken there will be tiny oval pebbles everywhere as opposed to jagged shards. Manufactured through the process of extreme heating and cooling, tempered glass is made from normal glass. There are many options available when choosing which type of glass to make the sliding shower doors. For instance, the homeowner can select the thickness of the glass from 1/4 -1/2 inches. There is also the option of having it framed or non-framed. Another factor to consider when installing the sliding shower doors is the kind of glass to use as there are distinct archetypes that produce different appearances. Clear shower doors come in two varieties. While the standard clear glass has a light emerald hue, the ultra clear or crystal clear glass is transparent and has no hue added to it. Delivering privacy, the acid-etched frosted glass, creates a blur so that the person inside of the shower cannot be seen. Then there's obscured glass, which is textured and can come in an array of designs and patterns including ripple, orient, and Sanibel. To add some extra flair to the sliding glass shower doors, there is the option of Sandblasting them. This artistic etching is created with an abrasive that blows at the glass turning it semi-opaque. The desired effect, when whitening the glass, will eventually produce a picture effect or even an image. This process can be done by a professional or personally. The difference between obscured glass and sandblasted glass is that one delivers consistency while the other is a sketch of a particular object, or subject.

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