Installing Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Sliding Glass Shower Doors
Using sliding glass shower doors is a great way to give your bathroom a new updated look. There are many different types of sliding glass shower doors to choose from. Some are clear, and some are frosted. Some doors can even be customized to fit your taste and decor.
It is even possible to fit sliding glass doors to your tub. Sure style I a great reason to use glass doors, but there are hygienic reasons as well. Having glass doors makes cleaning easier. Shower curtains can grow mold and mildew. Glass shower doors are easy to clean, ensuring a sanitary room and shower.
There are different styles when it comes to sliding glass shower doors. The traditional sliding door is a favorite for many reasons. They are like for having only one side that opens and closes. This makes installation very simple. The glass doors that slide from either end has also been well liked. A new twist on glass shower doors are doors that pull open instead of sliding open. This style of shower doors gives a classy look many people are looking for.
Installation with this type of door may be a little more difficult. Having a helping hand may be necessary when putting them in. If starting with clear glass doors and you want a different look later on down the road, that is an easy fix. There are kits that can be bought to frost the doors completely. Frosting half way up the door with a fade to clear is another option. Some people like a little more detail and can create different looks, like flowers or butterflies. Another cute look can be little fish and bubbles.
There really is no end to the designs that can be created when working with sliding glass shower doors.

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