Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Sliding Glass Shower Doors Sliding glass shower doors are simple and easy on your budget. There are four different styles of sliding shower doors to choose from. They are skyline, semi-frameless, framed and serenity. The skyline is an elegant design that will beautify your shower. This design has a fixed panel on one side and a sliding panel that slides on a solid rod. The skyline is one fixed panel and one sliding panel. The sliding panel glides smoothly on stainless steel rollers mounted directly to the glass. The semi-frameless sliding glass doors are thick, framelss glass panels that add a boldness to your design. The thick tempered glass is less likely to shatter or break and stays in place due to the brackets they are hung on. Frameless glass panels are easier to clean and maintain than framed panels. On the frameless sliding doors the bottom track is designed with a slope so the water will run down and towards your shower drain. Without the slope, water collects on the bottom track, causing mold to form. The craftsmanship, quality materials and thicker glass makes semi-frameless sliding glass doors one of the longest lasting enclosures you could choose from. The framed glass sliding shower door is the more traditional style. These doors are generally made of thinner glass than other doors and are cheaper to buy. The serenity sliding glass doors are very elegant and sleek. They have a simple stainless steel tube on top that supports the panels and a small metal guide at the bottom. This is an all glass shower door that will enhance your shower tile and your bathroom. This style will add a luxury look to your style and design.

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