Sliding Glass Walls

Sliding Glass Walls Sliding glass walls provide beautiful and functional walls that enhance any home, business or office. They can be installed and designed to fit any space or requirement. Using glass walls provides a unique and functional custom look. Sliding glass walls consist of a few basic types including horizontal rail systems, a single point fitting system, acoustical glass wall and floating sliding glass walls. Horizontal Rail Systems The horizontal rail system allows the glass wall panels to be moved by a stable system of top and bottom rails. The absence of vertical trim allows the glass to show without any visual interruption. The wall can be installed as a straight line, curve or in a circular structure. Single Point Fitting System This type of movable wall is put in place by using single point fittings that are attached to the glass panels and combine with a traditional system of tracks. The single point fitting system provides flush mounted fittings and minimal clearance between the panel and the track. This system doesn't require a floor track. Acoustical Glass Wall The acoustical glass wall provides the benefits of a movable wall in addition to optimal sound insulation. Electronic controls allow the wall to be moved effortlessly and transform a room to desired specifications in just moments of activation. The insulating qualities of the glass allow work spaces to be separated from the interruption of sound from surrounding areas. The walls can be installed in either the interior or exterior of the home. Sliding glass walls add the perfect dimension to homeowners who prefer an open and airy concept design. Folding Sliding Systems The folding sliding glass walls operate on solely a ceiling track system, eliminating the need for a floor track. They are available in a straight line configuration and provide and elegantly tailored look. Sliding glass walls add a unique and striking feature in any home. When used in a business, they provide the perfect doorway to stores in shopping malls or in the city. The businesses name can also be etched in the glass for a professional flair. Sliding glass walls allow maximum visibility and can function to change a room size. The acoustic walls are excellent at blocking any unwanted noise.

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