Smart glass – is it worth the expense?

Smart glass - is it worth the expense? Smart glass is an innovative glass manufactured using electrochromic devices, suspended particle devices, and crystal devices. The construction of the glass allows for a more controlled maintenance over the sunlight and ultimately the amount of heat allowed to enter through the glass. The electrochromic or liquid crystals in the smart glass will obstruct UV rays significantly reducing the amount of furniture and fabric fading that result from the sun. The glass can switch from transparent, allowing light and heat through the glass, to translucent, allowing only light while blocking heat. Either mode will provide a lucid view through the glass. Ultimately, the building’s thermal performance and energy usage will significantly improve with the smart glass installation. Smart glass has the benefit of producing an energy efficient structure. The ability to reduce the amount of heat that is being entered into the home can reduce air-conditioning costs. The glass will also save on heating and lighting costs. Another money saver is that there is no need to put in blinds, set up curtains, or install light screens. The glass appears like any other window at first. There is no difference noted until the sun rays hit the glass. At this point, someone can manually alter the window setting to darken and prevent the heat and light to enter the building or, if the glass is designed to do so, the glass will automatically darken. The changes produce optimal temperatures in the building and desired lighting. The person has the ability to control and change the conditions indoors based on how the conditions are changing outdoors. While the cost of smart glass is relatively more expensive than regular glass, one must keep in mind the benefits between the two. The energy costs, lighting costs, and ability to control those costs are available with smart glass installations. Energy savings will be significant and may balance out the expense of installation.

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