Smart Glass Manufacturer

Smart Glass Manufacturer "Smart glass" is a double pane system that is clear until joined with an electrical current that level the glass appearing frosted. This current is supplied by the basic flipping of a light switch. When shopping for this type of glass one must consider the different types of smart glass, or magic glass, as some know it. One type of glass is made up of polymer dispersed liquid crystals which appear only partially transparent but are experts at blocking light after the glass is charged with an electric current. This glass can go so far as to block fire and some radiation with the tight bonds created by the charged polymer within the glass casing. Suspended particle devices are two paned glass or plastic filled with a laminate, which is charged with electricity to create the appearance of an opaque wall. This glass can come in a variety of colors and is ideal for blocking light which gives it a cost benefit for those looking to save on their energy bill. There are also several forms of smart glass that are "self-controlled." Meaning, they are reactionary to their environment--temperature, for example, may trigger a response within the glass panes that may result in the frosting of the glass. Smart glass can be installed basically anywhere; however, a large market is found in the business world. Smart glass allows the user to have the direct line of sight that is supplied by glass with the privacy of frosted glass. This is ideal for small spaces like cubicles as well as restrooms. However, in some cases, systems like suspended particle devices are effective at blocking light from the outside and gives the user the added bonus of UV protection. Smart glass can be used in virtually every setting that glass is preferable but privacy is necessary.

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