Specifications and available options of modern smart glass

Specifications and available options of modern smart glass Switchable smart glass is available in any size, the standard one being 38.8” and 47.4”. Many a time’s multiple pieces are integrated to make a large glazed wall. Projection of TV`s and other images is possible and thus has become a wow factor for many offices. Benefits include switching from clear to frosted form. The thickness of the glass can be any and so has a large range of application. The panel size can be up to 3m with a custom High Definition screen capable of projection. It is transparent when on and translucent when off. Smart glass is now available with an option of triple glazed and double glazed. The triple glazed ones are filled with argon or krypton. The u value in case of triple privacy is 1.2 while in blue it is 0.8 and 0.7 in triple Aqua 4S. All these three have an option of self cleaning.

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