Stick Curtain Wall

Stick Curtain Walls Are Efficient and Economical
Stick Curtain Walls are non-load bearing walls. They support their own weight and the pressure of the environment. They offer many benefits. They are flexible in design for aesthetic purposes, and they are economical and efficient. They also offer security and energy efficiency if properly designed and installed. The frames are machined in pieces at a factory. By producing the sticks in the factory, this saves time and money. Manufactured sticks come in a selection of sizes to suit many construction needs. The pieces or sticks are subsequently transported to the construction site by truck. This is a better delivery system saving on shipping costs. At the site, they are assembled into frames. The vertical frame pieces are assembled and then the horizontal pieces. After the frame is completed, the glass can then be installed. The glass can be installed on the exterior or the interior of the frame. Exterior is preferred for low rise buildings and interior is preferred for high rise buildings. The interior installation is a plus for high rise buildings because it allows for easy access, if replacement is needed. Aluminum is the current material of choice, due to its ability to withstand brittle fractures and its lightweight features. Steel mullions were first used in the construction of stick walls. By the 1970' aluminum mullions were preferred for their weight and the ability to be constructed into any shape or design. Aluminum is also very attractive and appealing. For Energy Efficiency, there are three areas for thermal performance parameters for stick walls. Thermal transmittance or U factor, this is used by the Mechanical Engineer for code compliance. CRF or Condensation Resistance Factor is determined through measurement of surface temperature in guarded hot box testing. The final area is Finite Element Modeling this is used for untested custom designs. Guarded hot boxes are used to validate the results. Stick Curtain Wall is chosen for the benefits of natural lighting, the economy of manufactured mullions and the flexibility of design. They are also one of the most aesthetic facades in design today. With proper installation and design this facade is a attractive and reliable choice.

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