Strut Your Stuff on Your Glass Storefront

Your glass storefront is a huge canvas to be painted, and it is up to you what it portrays. There are a few advertising benefits of having a glass storefront that can help sales increase. However, before you start working on that canvas, decide on what you want to say and how you want to say it. Depending on what type business you have, the glass of your storefront should be utilized year round for advertising. If you have a cafe that is casual, or maybe a pet store, you can use the glass canvas to advertise with paint. Hire a painter to paint information on the glass that would entice your customers to come in and look, such as specials that you run or a specialty item that you carry. Around the holidays, you can incorporate the decorations in with the advertising. Just consider how often you want to have the painter change your glass storefront and decide on what to have painted on from there. Another means of advertising on the glass is with vinyl lettering. Most sign shops handle glass storefronts and can design anything you like. Typically placed on with vinyl is the name of the store, store logo, and hours. However, here too you can use your imagination. If you want to highlight a store item, that can also be done in vinyl. Really, any design you want can be input on a computer and cut into the vinyl, with your imagination leading the way. The third way to advertise on your glass is through glass etching. Glass etching is an elegant means of advertising and would display well for certain restaurants or jewelry stores. With etching, it would be appropriate to etch your company name and logo on to the storefront glass. As you can see, there are advertising advantages to having a glass storefront. You just need to determine what message you want to convey, and how you want to convey it.

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