Switchable Glass Price – Is it worth it?

Switchable Glass Price - Is it worth it?
Significant advancement in technology is evident everywhere today. There has been a considerable breakthrough in office and home design. A new switchable glass has come on the market that is being widely used in healthcare, hospitability, security, transport, industrial and residential sectors. With huge benefits and affordable pricing, switchable privacy glass is gaining widespread popularity around the world. However, this glass incorporating cutting edge technology is available with only few manufacturers and is quite expensive at the moment.Let’s have a close look at why it’s best to invest in switchable glass even at its current price:The biggest benefit of switchable glass is the great privacy it offers. Due to this feature, it is also referred to as “privacy glass”. Unlike other glass types offering varying levels of privacy, you can turn a switchable glass to opaque from clear, or vice versa with the click of button. This glass basically create privacy on demand. As an added benefit, electronic switchable privacy glass also blocks the UV rays from the sun from entering the rooms. It also reduces your energy bills.Great looks!The switchable glass has great looks and is aesthetically pleasing. This glass is widely used in interior designing by the designers. According to the top interior designers, it is a wise investment as it needs less maintenance and is durable. Best of all, it consumes very less electricity for operation. It’s high contrast makes it a great addition to the offices as they can be used as a projection screen and separate offices. The new switchable glass can also be applied to the windows, partition screens, doors, roof lights and projection screens, which ensures economic use of space. In terms of security, they can b used as teller screens, in corporate receptions, and for ensuring secure goods transport. Switchable electronic glass is also an eco-friendly option as it operates at a very low working voltage and helps in reducing the heating and cooling costs of the building. In fact, you can set up a “smart’ building facade to allow more heat and light in the winters and reduce the amount of light and heat in the summer months. Considering all the above benefits, you can well imagine the kind of returns you can expect by investing in the switchable glass for your business. Although, its price is high but the features it offers will ensure high returns in your business for years. It’s a lifetime investment!

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