Tempered Glass Awning

Tempered Glass Awning Awnings have been used in various forms on buildings for hundreds of years. An awning helps to combat the elements by covering the overhead of your business entrance and keeping your entrance and customers safe from inclimate weather. For many years awnings have been mostly made out of canvas or fabrics. But canvas and fabric awnings have a relatively short life span of 5-7 years before replacement is needed. A tempered glass awning is low maintenance as well as long lasting. Awnings that are made of tempered glass are very strong. They are built to withstand wind rain and heavy snow loads. Glass awnings are safe and add to your buildings beauty. With the popularity of glass awnings more and more buildings can be seen using them. Using tempered glass can bring an awnings capability to the next level both in longevity and design. In addition to the protection of other awnings a tempered glass awning has the added capability of you being able to see through. The openness that comes through the use of a glass awning has the added ability for you to look up and see the sky and your surroundings giving your customers a feeling of still being outside as opposed the closed in feeling of canvas or fabric. Glass that is tempered is stronger than standard glass. When standard glass is broken the jagged pieces can fall dangerously to the ground. Tempered glass is tough and hard to break. If something does shatter tempered glass (a falling tree, etc.) then the glass breaks into very small pieces with smoother edges safely falling down. The tempered glass sections are held in place by a frame. The frames could be made out of aluminum, or even stainless steel. The combination of the glass and the frame options can lend a new element to your architectural design capabilities. The frames can be made round, curved, flat, or in many different variations to fit your design needs. Adding a glass awning to your building will give you the look and functionality you need to show customers the classy look your business deserves.

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