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Tempered glass is manufactured to be much stronger than regular strength glass, and it has a number of safety features that annealed glass doesn't. For example, tempered glass doesn't shatter into large jagged shards if broken. Instead, the result is small fractured pieces that are relatively harmless. For this reason, you'll find tempered glass in a number of applications in which enhanced safety is a concern.Some of the uses for tempered glass include rear and side automotive windows, bathtub and shower enclosures, patio furniture, skylights, microwave ovens and entrance doors. A tempered glass manufacturer has a process to follow that ensures adequate quality of the finished product. The raw glass is first cut to a desired size, and it is afterward closely examined for imperfections that could potentially cause a breakage.When it concerns use for automobiles, having tempered glass installed is an important safety feature. Tempered glass is much stronger than laminated glass, and it also differs greatly in function and form. Generally, it is used for all surrounding vehicle windows. This type of glass is created through a method of extreme heat application followed by rapid cooling. The process involves using a series of blowers to quickly cool down the glass to its surrounding air temperature. Another approach that a tempered glass manufacturer may use is chemical tempering. Various chemicals on the glass surface exchange ions to create compression. However, this technique is far more costly than using standard heating ovens and cooling devices. Therefore, the chemical tempering process is not used too frequently. As tempered glass goes through the cooling phase, its edges often become very weak. This is due to rapid heat release as the glass becomes cooler. In order to help overcome this weakened area, the edges of the glass are ground down further. Because of its stress resistance and overall strength, tempered glass can withstand many abusive environments. This is especially apparent with a vehicle. Without security glass in place, your car would likely experience broken glass every time you ran over a speed bump.

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