Tempered Glass Wall

Add Interest And Strength With A Tempered Glass Wall Today, people are using glass in ways that our parents and grandparents would never have thought possible. Architectural glass is not only lovely to look at; in many instances it is actually stronger than some other building materials. In today’s world, you can choose from various types of architectural glass, and they include the following. • Low-Iron GlassTempered Glass • Heat Treated Glass • Tempered Low-E Glass • Herculite All of these are used in a variety of ways other than just for windows. One of the strongest and longest lasting types of glass is tempered glass, also known in the business as safety glass. Safety glass is perfect for glass wall construction because it doesn’t pose the same hazards present with ordinary annealed or float glass. All types of glass can be ordered in required thicknesses. Typical thickness begins at 3/32 of an inch which is primarily used for picture frames and smaller insulated glass units and goes up to ¾ inch thickness which is ideal for large shelves, table tops and countertops. However, when ordering for special purposes, this thickness can be increased as required. There are some restrictions placed on annealed glass because of the hazards it can present when broken. The newest building codes prevent installation of ordinary glass at heavy traffic locations such as entrances, or in windows that are not a specified height from the floor. These codes are there to reduce the chances that someone will get hurt from razor sharp shards of glass that can become more like swords or guillotines. There are few things that can bring interest to a home or business as well as a tempered glass wall, or entrance. The beauty is accentuated by the fact that this type of wall is tough and break resistant. Even when breakage does occur, there will be no sharp shards to slice through flesh because tempered glass breaks into tiny, pea sized pieces. When considering a tempered glass wall, one might think of shower surrounds, balustrades, and doors. There are many other uses for this strong architectural material which adds interest to any environment.

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