The Advantages of Glass Tile Flooring

The Advantages of Glass Tile Flooring Let's discuss first all the advantages there are to investing in a glass floor in your home. First of all, if you are using glass tile, it is greener than ceramic tile. It doesn't take as much energy to produce glass tiles as it does to produce ceramic tiles. And, glass tiles are made from mostly recycled glass. Along with being a little bit greener, a glass floor is a little more durable. You would have to hit it pretty hard with a blunt object to actually crack it! Glass tiles are virtually stain resistant as well. They don't attract mold or mildew and they are easily kept clean with warm soap and water or even a damp cloth. Not only are they clean and green, glass tile floors look positively radiant in any home or office! They reflect more light than any other type of flooring, saving on electricity in the long run. Glass flooring emits a beauty and elegance in itself that no other type of flooring can match. You certainly can't beat just how fantastic a glass tile floor looks and feels in your home. You can combine glass floor tiles to create beautiful intricate designs or use various colors to create a look all your own! Cost aside, glass flooring is a great investment that will increase the value of your home. So, go ahead treat yourself a little!

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