The Many Options and Benefits of Using Laminated Glass in Construction.

The Many Options and Benefits of Using Laminated Glass in Construction. Laminated glass, or shatter proof glass has been a trusted component in the automotive industry for over 60 years. More recently builders have begun implementing this safe and functional component into their designs, and for good reason. With developments in modern technology, laminated glass can now be treated to suit a variety of needs. It can be used in interior and exterior structures, tinted and even treated to sustain high velocity impact, severe vibrations and extreme pressure. For the past thirty years, developers have been experimenting with innovative ways to incorporate this safety glass into their construction. Beyond its impact resistance, laminated glass has been proven to work as an acoustic implement as well; preventing sound from breaching walls and contributing to unwanted noise pollution. This is a big reason why this glass is now commonly used in airports. It's also an optimal tool for residential areas that run parallel to loud highways and noisy neighborhoods. It's possible to regulate the thickness of the interior PVB layer, as well as layering the the laminated glass itself. In this way it becomes resilient when used as exterior glass for structural walls, even in sizable buildings. Because it protects against the elements, storms, high winds, rain and snow, it is popular for rooftops and atriums, and even grand scale projects like shopping malls. With each passing year the possibilities for laminated glass grow and grow. Its remarkable design protects against sound and storms, while providing safety and protection from an array of aggressors both natural and otherwise. Considering laminated glass for your next project may make the difference between costly damages and a happy client.

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