The Modern and Beautiful Glass Partition Wall

The Modern and Beautiful Glass Partition Wall The stunning, modernistic sweeping effect of today’s interior glass partition walls actually has a long history. In the 1880s, English and European glassblowers designed hexagonal bodies with arched exteriors. These were made into honeycomb structures that were mouth-blown to use for both interior and exterior walls. For decades, the basic glass block was the only option to insure privacy yet allow light to enter an interior space. Now, interior glass partition wall can be a transparent structure that literally replaces a traditional wall’s flat structure. For more adventurous and imaginative designers, a sweeping, curving wall of glass adds much to a room’s design aesthetic. It is crucial that safety be built into any glass wall to prevent people from colliding into it and risking serious injury. Today’s designers have turned this need into an opportunity to add artistic embellishment into the wall’s construction. Motifs are made by frosting the glass, adding design flourishes while protecting privacy. Sheet glass is frosted by sandblasting or acid etching. Those processes scatter light transmission through the glass, blurring images while diffusing light. Designs and motifs using frosting, such as representations of corporate logos, designs from nature and, most often, modernistic designs are limited only by a designer’s imagination. For moving interior partitions, tempered glass is employed using a floor guide or an aluminum suspension system providing long-lasting utility.

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