Tips For Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Tips For Cleaning Glass Shower Doors There are thousands of tips for cleaning glass shower doors on the Internet. Only a select few are worth trying. Sparkling glass shower doors, clean, bright and germ free, look classy in any size, color, or shape of one's bathroom. Tips: > If a glass shower door has soap scum, the crud that is heavily germ laden, terrible looking and embarrassing when company comes, clean it with wool. Treat this mess with fine steel wool pads. Try a small area first to see if it scratches the glass. It does a fantastic job of bringing back the luster of glass. > Another icky covering that one will need to remain rid of is mold. This is the black furry stuff growing where it is damp and dark. It depends upon how much the mold has grown, what it will need cleaned with. Hot, soapy water with a half cup of bleach added can be used to clean all mold off. Use a bleach solution in a spray bottle and scrub it off. > The mineral deposits from hard water can be dealt with by using white vinegar on a cloth or sponge. Loosen the sludge up by scrubbing it hard fast, then rinse the door off. Make sure to keep the bathroom aired out or use a small fan to dry up the shower stall so the glass doors will stay dry. Out of vinegar? Use baking soda. > Make sure to keep the bathroom aired out or use a small fan to dry up the glass shower doors so that the room does not stay damp. A small towel can be used to dry off doors by hand after showers or a wet vac can suck water up. Caulking needs checked and any places that are starting to get mold need chalked again.

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