Tub Shower Doors

About Tub Shower Doors
Tub shower doors are always made of tempered glass, or glass that’s treated to make it hard to break and then allows it to break in a safe way if it ever is broken. However,there are many types of tempered glass. The glass can be opaque or smoked to allow for privacy, with a textured exterior and a smooth interior to prevent soap scum from accumulating. They can be so clear the homeowner wouldn't know it was there not for the frame. The door can even be etched or embellished with stained glass.The type of tub shower door that a homeowner buys depends on what type of shower and tub combination they have. If the area has three sides, it will need a door. If the stall has more than one side, it will need a door and panels. Some doors have a lid over them that can be closed to convert the shower into a steam room. Tub shower doors can be framed or frameless. A framed door is fully enclosed with a frame, while a frameless door isn't entirely enclosed in a frame. Some homeowners prefer this look because it gives the shower stall an airy feel and also makes the bathroom look a bit larger than it is. Some doors can be pulled open, while other doors roll along an L-shaped track or a double track that allows them to slide open and close. Other doors pivot, but they shouldn’t pivot into the tub and shower area. The homeowner will have to take the amount of clearance he or she has in the bathroom if a pivoting door is considered. The frame of a tub shower door is typically made out of metal . Finishes can be polished chrome or brushed nickel or brass.

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