Curved Glass

Curved glass has become a fashion statement for most residential and commercial buildings. This type of glass design adds a touch of style and fashion to your architectural design and decoration. Curved glass is formed by heating flat glass until it softens and then curved under its own weight and outside force. Finally, it is cooled at a controlled rate, resulting in a finished product, which is used in architectural decoration. Three main types of curved glass include toughened, annealed, and laminated. Laminated glass is often the right choice for bending or curving applications, especially in walkways and broadways. Even if compromised, laminated glass remains as one piece. Curved glass gives a harmonious look to the exteriors and has less light aberration. Widely used for its thermal stability and mechanical attack resistance performance, curved glass is used to make modern buildings stand out and enhance the corporate image. Curved glass is a popular choice to add to facades of corporate buildings, thanks to its aesthetic reasons. Its use in residential buildings is increasing greatly, thanks to its unique and distinctive look and anti-wind pressure and deflection ability. Curved glass is an ideal choice in curtain walls with curved structure, furniture, sightseeing elevator, skylight, hyperboloid and taper shaped establishments, revolving doors, cabinets, shower enclosures, shop fronts, partitions, domes, barrel vaults, aquariums, solariums, among others. NYC Glass Works has extensive experience in the field of glass applications. We are experts in bending and curving glass for custom applications.
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We service all of NY: Manhattan NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Long Island.  

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