Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass Widely known as safety glass, laminated glass offers a strong barrier against forced entry. In the event force is used against the glass by humans or natural forces, it holds together by an interlayer, which may be plastic, polyvinyl, silk, or paper. While ordinary glass breaks under a greater impact and poses a risk of serious injury, laminated glass adheres to the interlayer, which absorbs the energy impact, and the fragments remain within the frame.
  • Greatly used for decoration purposes, laminated glass is used in typical architectural settings, such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, residential apartments, airport terminals.
  • Laminated glass can be used in furniture and column claddings, feature wall, and glass partitions.
  • The decorative interlayer in laminated glass acts as a strong defense against solar energy transmittance. This type of glass allows visible light to permeate easily while blocking over 99% of the UV rays.
  • Laminated glass can be used in vivid colors, intriguing textures, striking patterns and designs to give your space a stunning look!
Benefits • Safety The primary feature of laminated glass is the safety it provides under impact. Ordinary glass easily breaks into long sharp pieces that can bring about serious and even grave injuries. Though laminated glass may break, fragments of glass stay tightly bonded to its interlayer, reducing the risk of injuries. For this reason, this type of glass is required for windshields of vehicles and for overhead glazing by most building codes. • Security Burglars usually enter the house or car by breaking the windows to reach out for the door and window handles. This type of glass can keep them from forcing their entry. In case this is broken by accident, it still has an interlayer to give protection. It can be made of multiple layers of thick glass and interlayer, to let it withstand bomb blasts and bullets. • Sound reduction Noise can easily enter a house or building through the windows. This glass has the ability to prevent unwanted noise with its sound reduction index, which is higher than that of monolithic glass that has the same thickness. • Control of solar energy While skylights and the like provide natural light, they can cause glare and too much heat, which can increase air conditioning costs. A tinted laminated glass provides the best solution. • Control of UV rays UV rays cause the fading of furnishings. The interlayer of this glass has UV absorbing properties to screen out these damaging rays. • Weather/Natural Disasters This type of glass can be specially designed to stay intact in its frame under impact of natural disasters, protecting people with its reduced flying glass feature. • Durability This durable glass, always, maintain its strength and color. Also, it can be cleaned just like ordinary glass. • Versatile Design This can be manufactured according to your preference and needs. • Simple installation It is easy to install and be cut to size. It can, also, be notched or drilled. • Low visible distortion Since it is glazed in annealed form, it prevents distortion brought about by roller waves in tempered glass. NYC Glass Works is a premier laminated glass manufacturing company. We design, manufacture, and install laminated glass for residential and commercial buildings, guaranteeing safety, security, sound and solar control. Please Give us a call for a free estimate.  (718) 535-5668 or request a quote online.

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