Updating Bathroom with Framed Shower Door

Updating Bathroom with Framed Shower Door

Everyone loves having a relaxing bathroom to escape to, to unwind and de stress after a long day. There are options to consider to make a home bathroom more spa like, and the shower is the perfect place to start. The customary shower curtain works fine for function, but why not upgrade to something a bit more sleek and modern? A framed shower door achieves this look and takes the entire bathroom to a whole new level.Aesthetics is a prime reason to choose frame shower doors. The glass comes in several finishes, like completely see through or opaque. Clear glass gives that open, airy feel, while an opaque glass gives a bit more privacy while retaining that modern look. Either finish works beautifully. This style shower door gives a cohesive feel to modern design and makes a place seem uncluttered and crisp.

Glass framed doors are also ideal from a cleaning standpoint. Shower curtains can easily look stained and dingy, and might have to be replaced repeatedly. Shower curtains collect mold and can stick to an individual as he or she showers. Instead, frame glass doors are easy to clean and maintain. Just a simple spray of glass cleaner or a quick swipe with a squeegee gets the job done. There is much less fuss to be had.

Also, frame shower doors are an incredibly easy update to give to a bathroom, one that will immediately give the entire space an instant update. Other bathroom renovation projects, like re tiling or new fixtures, can be extremely costly and time consuming. But a new shower door is a quick fix with a big impact, and can be completed quickly on a modest budget. It is a non threatening option even newbies can consider.

Sticking with an outdated bathroom isn’t a fate one has to accept. Small changes like a new shower door can man a dramatic transformation, and take just a matter of hours to complete. With just a bit of prep work and research, a dream bathroom retreat can be achieved in any home bathroom, no matter the size.

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