Using Glass Walls And Glass Partitions In Outdoor Spaces

Using Glass Walls And Glass Dividers In Outdoor Spaces Glass has been used for centuries to bring the outdoors in but it was seldom used to bring the comforts of the indoors to outside spaces. Now with artistic glass Dividers and structurally sound glass walls the comforts of indoor living cohesively blend with outdoor spaces. Each glass panel can be left simply and sleek or creative and unique. They are also available in stationary structures, accordion Dividers or folding wall dividers. Screened in porches are great in inclement weather but when not maintained properly they can become an aesthetic eyesore. The framing for the screen and storm windows can also obstruct a wonderful view. Frame-less glass dividers are tempered for strength and easily holds up to stormy weather. These glass partitions are secured with clear anodized aluminum top and bottom rails so the view is never obstructed. There is still plenty of air circulation and even on a cloudy day the light is still filtering through. Every insurance company in the nation requires a safety enclosure around any outdoor pool area. The problem is that a chain-link or wood fence detract from the beauty of the landscape and obstructs the view into and out of the pool area. By using tempered glass walls to surround the pool the safety requirement is met and the glass walls make the pool area a positive focal point. For privacy, the glass panels can be satiny, as a design feature they can be etched or to add dimension half-height and full-height panels can be alternated. Design elements can be added to the exterior of a home by using glass partitions as balcony railings or folding glass partitions to enclose a balcony in. Accordion or folding wall partitions are the perfect addition to covered decks or verandas because outside entertainment shouldn't have to be scheduled around a weather report. When using glass walls or partitions as an outdoor element, the possibilities are endless.

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