Ways to Implement Laminated Glass in the Home and Office

Designers and builders constantly experiment with new and exciting options for construction materials. With an ever present demand for a sleek and minimalist look, glass is on the rise. It's no secret that the compound is relatively fragile, and therefore its uses in construction have been limited in the past. Now, many builders are branching out and using laminated glass to achieve a phenomenal effect in several areas where glass was previously not an option. Due to the dangers associated with breaking glass, it is not commonly used in structural elements like internal, and external walls, flooring and fixtures. For many, the solution is clear; laminated glass. With its durable design it is an excellent option for those who demand a state of the art look to their space but don't want to risk the shatter factor. In the case of impact, laminated glass will crack but not break, leaving a spiderweb like pattern. Of course, it will need to be replaced to maintain its integrity and esthetic. However, several of the hazards that go hand in hand with breaking glass are avoided, such as cuts, and dangerous falls and expensive cleanups. This is an optimum choice for anyone who wishes to implement a significant amount of glass into their home or commercial space. Structures that involve walls made nearly entirely of glass, or profound sky lights will see that laminated glass is one of the few practical solutions. Even smaller fixtures such as counter tops can benefit from construction with this material. A shining example lies in the case of jewelry stores and pawn shops that are easy targets for break ins. While laminated glass may not prevent a loss due to theft, it can save shop owners significant time and money in clean up costs. With the use of such functional materials, builders can give their clients a level of whimsy in their space that is otherwise unachievable through traditional methods. It's important for all persons going through a design process to know that there are simple and safe solutions to many of the design challenges that present themselves on a daily basis.

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