What are Frameless Glass Dividers?

What are Frameless Glass Dividers? A frameless glass divider is a glass room divider that doesn’t need window pane style framing to hold it up. These beautiful dividers can be used as cubicle walls, room dividers, and even as walls for offices or conference rooms. Frameless glass dividers come in many styles of glass including: • Clear • Laminated • Frosted • Tinted • Smart/Switchable glass Glass dividers can also be used in the home to separate spaces, such as defining an eat in kitchen space. No mater the application site, frameless glass dividers bring a modern style to a space, while providing many benefits over a traditional wall. Frameless glass dividers allow for privacy, either though sound isolation or, with frosted or smart glass, full privacy. At the same time they let in sunlight and create a more open feel in a space. In addition, they can be much more cost effective in terms of maintaining the space. Glass dividers never need to be painted, and cleaning them is as easy as wiping with glass cleaner. They also last indefinitely. They don’t break down over time and they are very strong. Any hit that could cause damage to a glass wall would also damage dry wall paneling. No matter the application, a frameless glass divider can help accentuate and separate a space. Combining modern styling with low maintenance means a glass divider may be perfect for many offices and homes.

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