What are the advantages of installing switchable glass?

What are the advantages of installing switchable glass? There is a great advancement in technology in every sector. Many of these advancements has led to a breakthrough in office and home design. This latest technology is referred to as “electronically switchable glass”. This glass is now widely used in healthcare, hospitality, security, residential, industrial and transport sectors. With wide range of benefits, this glass is now becoming popular worldwide. However, technology to manufacture this glass is now available with only few manufacturers. * The main features The biggest benefit of switchable glass is complete privacy offered by it. Due to this innovatrive feature, it is also referred to as “privacy glass”. Unlike other glasses that offer privacy, this new technology makes it possible to turn the opaque glass back into a clear glass with a turn of the switch. The main feature of this glass is that it offers privacy on demand. This glass also blocks harmful UV rays from the sun from entering the rooms. * The basic principles This glass uses next generation technology that uses liquid crystal molecules for controlling the flow of light. This principle of the light control makes this glass valuable. There is a tendency among the liquid crystals in the glass to get aligned as and when electric current is supplied to it. Once these liquid crystals are aligned, the switchable glass becomes totally clear and allows light to pass through it. When its electric supply is cut off, the liquid crystals are scattered and this glass will become opaque. * Great Looks Switchable glass comes with great looks and can be used in interior designing. According to the interior designers, this glass is a best investment as it requires minimal maintenance and is very durable. Best of all, switchable glass consumes very little power for its operation. Its high contrast makes it suitable for use in offices as rear projection screen. According to various surverys, switchable glass enhances the value of commercial buildings and homes. * Privacy and convenience at your fingertips Different types of controls such as movement sensor, wall switch, remote control, door lock, and timer can be used for controlling this glass. This innovative technology is a real breakthrough in office and home design that brings security, convenience and privacy right at your fingertips. No doubt switchable glass is a valuable investment for your office or home!

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