What Are The Common Shower Door Styles

What Are The Common Shower Door Styles Shower doors are becoming a widely popular adjustment to the bathroom. There are several advantages to having a shower door, one of them being that having a shower door keep the water on the inside instead of seeping onto the floor of the bathroom, causing a mess or causing someone to slip and get hurt. Not to mention, having a shower door instead of a shower curtain will make the bathroom look and feel soothing, comforting, and stylish. Types of Shower Doors Sliding Shower Doors: Sliding doors, which are also known as bypass doors, are the most popular type of shower door. The sliding doors rest on a track of sorts. Of course, the doors are opened by sliding them on the track and is almost identical to the kind of system that is used for sliding glass doors that lead to a backyard or patio. Two of the benefits of owning the sliding shower door are that they don't require much space in the bathroom and they are incredibly easy to clean. Curved Shower Doors: Curved shower doors are also known as bi-fold doors. These kinds of doors are great for limited-space bathrooms. The appearance of the curved shower doors is modern and designer-looking while also taking up very little space. This kind of door can fit in a corner, which is what saves the space in the bathroom. Swinging Shower Doors: Swinging shower doors are hinged doors which open up outward. They can open in different degrees like 90 degrees or 135 degrees. There are magnetic catches that can be purchased, which help keep the doors closed during showers. These kinds of doors are only meant for large bathrooms that have a multitude of space that allows the swinging open of these doors. The swinging shower doors give the owner or guest a sense of elegance when walking into the bathroom. These doors also have the option to be framed or remain frameless. Shower doors come in all types, sizes, colors, and styles. Many homeowners are usually at a crossroads when deciding what to do with their bathroom due to the vast variety in bathroom decorating, remodeling, and redesigning. These types of shower doors are elegant, beautiful, and simple. Choosing one of these common types of shower doors, which also fits the needs of the homeowner and the bathroom, is a great idea.

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