What are the options when installing a glass wall divider?

Glass wall divider is the preferred way to divide an office without disturbing the line of sight. Employees can find other staff members quickly. Supervisors and can see at a glance if employees are doing projects quickly and safely. Productivity is greatly improved according to studies conducted through the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Popular types of glass are tempered, plexiglass, sound proof, tinted and mirrored. The type you will need depends on the application and location you plan to use it in. Tempered glass is made by treating a glass pane with a cycle of heat and cold so the glass will break into large chunks instead of shrapnel. If the glass wall experienced cracking, the wall would not shatter all over the office hurting bystanders. This is ideal for cubical glass dividers and for any type of doors as these are the most likely to have frequent pushes or bumps. Plexiglass is thermoplastic but is used in the same applications. Plexiglass is a good option when you build a dividing wall in areas with heavy duty equipment. It may be scratched easier than glass but there are coatings to prevent gouges or nicks. Sound proof glass is made by producing a thicker pane, laminating the glass or placing an insulating material between two sheets. The most common materials are plastic or a layer of air. This also makes the glass wall more resistant to breaking. Tinted glass is a good way to ensure privacy in departments like security or personnel. Tint can be colored for aesthetics or simply dark for blocking out light. Mirrored glass is as strong as regular glass partitions and walls. The reflections add more space to a small office. Mirrors help send light to darker corners of the room to make the most of your lights. They are also an inexpensive alternative to heavily tinted glass walls if you need total confidentiality for a certain room or event. After choosing the glass, decide on permanent or mobile glass walls. Folding styles or fixed? Would you like swinging or sliding doors? Always get a warranty if available.

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