What is Architectural Glass?

What is Architectural Glass? There are many different kinds of glass that can be used when constructing buildings because each different glass serves its own purpose. Most of the time glass is used in a building for common things, such as in a house there are mirrors, windows, shower stalls, even stove tops. However, there are many luxurious buildings around the world the use glass as a key component in the buildings foundation. Many churches use stained glass to depict biblical pictures using different colored glass, while other buildings use glass as the complete exterior. Using different kinds of glass in architecture makes a building stand out from the rest. It brings something different to the building because there are so many different designs a person can come up with. Not only are there different kinds of glass to choose from, but there are so many different things you can do with the glass. You can have a window constructed of a bunch of small panels of glass to create one whole window. Or you can take a page out of the church handbook and use stained glass to create an array of beautiful designs and images. One of the beauties of stained and colored glass when used for architectural purposes is that the different colors reflect inside the building when light shines on it. There are tons of great and stylish designs just for windows, interior designs and for the building exterior, all bringing something unique and creative to your home or building.

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