What Is Beveled Glass?

Glass has a unique and versatile quality that makes it a sought after material when it comes to design, décor and even architecture. The fact is that glass offers several options so that almost anyone’s design taste can be satisfied. Add to the equation that glass is a substance that is easily manufactured and customized and it’s no surprise that this is such a sought after material. One particular type of glass that is used a great deal in design and architectural décor would be that of beveled glass, especially given it’s amazing design and creativity potential. Beveled glass offers a plethora of design and décor possibilities. It can be used in doors, windows, as edging around mirrors and even as stand alone pieces that serve décor purposes only. A large part of the charm of beveled glass is, not only it’s beauty, the thickness required to achieve the beveled look offers a good, solid protective piece of glass that is especially great for windows and doors. Combining this type of glass with mirrors and even countertops helps to offer a much more solid and protective aspect to the piece itself. While there are many who admire and appreciate the strength and beauty of beveled glass, not everyone understand the process involved in creating the glass itself. To truly appreciate something you must have an understanding of it and what it takes to create it. Bearing that in mind let’s take a look at exactly what goes into the creation of a piece of beveled glass. You start with a piece of glass that is at least 1/8 inches in thickness, more depending on individual preferences. The glass is then cut at an angle around the edges and then smoothed; this gives the glass a prism effect when light reflects from it.

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